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What is a Locum Agency?

What is a Locum Agency?

A locum agency is a recruitment company that specialise in the placement of medical staff on a temporary and permanent basis.

The locum agency offers recruitment services to employers such as hospitals, private practices, and clinics whereby suitable candidates for a particular locum requirements are sourced. The locum recruitment agency also offers placement services for candidates looking locum employment related to their skills, experience, qualifications, and interests.

The main benefits and functions of the locum agency for the hospital include:

• Sourcing of the most suitable candidates to fill a specific locum job.

• Pre-screening including compliance, identity checks, and interviews conducted on behalf of the employer.

• Handling of payroll administration.

• Cost and time savings for human resources.

• Improving the quality of the workforce since experts in locum recruitment handle the screening process ensuring a perfect match between employer and employee.

The main benefits and functions of the locum agency for the locum doctor include:

• Finding suitable positions according to the candidate’s interests, remuneration needs, experience and qualifications.

• Cost and time savings for the candidate.

• Improved chances of landing the perfect locum position.

• Reviews and verification of compliance including identity, documents, qualifications, and references ensuring that the candidate doesn’t have to go through the process several times.

The locum agency focuses on the medical industry ensuring better matching capabilities, a larger employer and employee pool, and offers expert medical recruitment guidance and advice to the employer and candidate alike.