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Over 70 extra beds in new £65m hospital

A new £65million hospital supplying more than 70 new beds for NHS patients, is set to be constructed on the site of Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The project will also include 66 beds for private patients and will contain a new radiotherapy unit and access to state-of-the-art operating theaters.

The deal is a linkup between University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) and the HCA Healthcare UK company.

The firm, said it would provide extra choice to 500,000 people in the Midlands who either previously had health insurance or wanted to go private for their treatment.

One of the spokesman for the trust said “The new specialist hospital will provide 72 additional beds for NHS patients that the NHS is not presently able to fun. It will also make a huge difference in supporting and managing our ever-growing patient numbers.”

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Number of locum Doctors has doubled since 2009

The amount of hospital doctors choosing to work as locums has almost doubled since 2009. Between 2009 and 2015 the amount of locum doctors in hospitals increased by 96%, from 8,176 in 2009 to 16,002 in 2015. This signifies a 12% average yearly rise. On average, 1304 more doctors each year are electing to work as locums.

Using statistics on locums and National Statistics on medical practitioners, they calculated that locum doctors are making 44% more on average than their salaried colleagues.

The analysis of pay rates found that the annual pay of salaried doctors was £65 843 and the annual pay of medical locums is £95 040.


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