GP measuring Blood Pressure

NHS plans to potentially have shoppers get their blood pressure tested at tills could help save life’s.

Shoppers could have their blood pressure checked at supermarket tills after the NHS make radical plans in order to help prevent almost 25,000 strokes and heart attacks. This saves people from going to their local GP surgery.

It has been said that Firefighters, teachers and office workers will also undertake training in order to carry out tests, which could

Due to the worrying increase of individuals not knowing whether they have increased blood pressure, the NHS proposes local planners along with shop owners and assistants, teachers and firefighters to find creative ways to carry out blood pressure checks particularly to those middle age instead of expecting them to turn up at the GP.

Although this plan from the NHS would help target the main issues of increasing blood pressure and how to help prevent them GPs were sceptical and patients’ groups believing that health checks should be performed only by those with medical expertise.

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