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Medecho Frameworks

Medecho Frameworks

As one of the UK’s leading medical recruitment agencies, we have secured exclusive contracts with many of the UK’s top healthcare organisations. We have managed to secure framework agreements with healthcare organisations such as:

  • Crown Commercial Service
  • National Services Scotland / NHS Scotland
  • Health and Social Care Northern Ireland
  • NHS Shared Business Services
  • AVOCA Managed Services
  • ISO 9001 Framework
  • Recruitment And Employment Confederation (REC)
  • NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (LPP)
  • Health Trust Europe (HTE)

These contracts allow us to supply to many trusts. Historically, we have established collaborative partnerships with numerous contracting bodies to assist with the creation, implementation and maintenance of various medical locum projects to deliver cost savings and market transparency without impacting or reducing the high quality of the fully vetted locum doctors we supply. And with all these contracts we are able to supply to over 1000 trusts in the UK.

To find out more information about these frameworks go to out Accreditation Page by clicking this link