what’s revalidation?

GMC revalidation is the process by which doctors need to declare to the GMC that they are prepared and do conform to the standards expected of them by all relevant bodies and organizations including the NHS. It’s based on evaluation of the doctor’s performance by a clinical professional through annual appraisals while providing them with continued guidance and support. A Responsible Officer who is attached to the doctor’s designated body will go through appraisals and make the necessary recommendations to the GMC who will upon evaluation of such recommendations will revalidate the doctor and renew their license to practice. Please see GMC License to Practice.

Medecho is a designated body for appraisals and revalidation. We have contractual agreements with Dr Shahid Khan and have achieved designated body readiness as required by the NHS, GMC, the Good Medical Practice, Care Quality Commission and other relevant government bodies. We have robust systems of revalidation and clinical guidelines to ensure our doctors are incessantly up to date with their appraisal and revalidation.

As an NHS contracted body and as part of our obligations to provide fully registered and revalidated doctors, our registration process includes the fully vetting of candidates, checking of original professional registration with the GMC as well as identifying the Agency Worker’s current Responsible Officer if they have one.

How do I start the process?

You will firstly need to determine who your designated body is. A designated body is the organisation or company with which you carry out majority of your clinical work. Normally this is the NHS or private hospital, a GP practice or locum agency which you are most connected. The GMC offers doctors a comprehensive guide in their website to identify their designated body by selecting from a list of all the designated bodies in the UK. You can also do this through your own GMC-on-line account. After selecting a designated body, the organisation’s Responsible Officer will be automatically notified of your prescribed connection to the organisation and you will be directly contacted by the RO.

How much will it cost me?

Appraisal and revalidation costs vary depending on the company you use however, you will be made aware of any fees you may have to pay before you commit to any responsible officer so you can decide before you proceed. Our responsible officer’s firm has clear fee guidelines on their websites.