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Medecho is one of the leading specialist medical recruitment agencies for locum doctors we would like to offer you the chance to make some extra cash.

Here at Medecho we believe word of mouth and personal recommendations has been the most trusted and powerful form of advertising since the dawn of time. It is also the finest form of flattery. Over half of the people who work through Medecho do so by recommendation from friends or colleagues. That speaks volumes of the reputation we have cultivated over the years.

We are proud of this great compliment and as a ‘thank you’ we’ll give you £250 for every doctor you recommend who works for Medecho! There is also no limit to the number of colleagues you can recommend.

Here’s how it works: Tell your friend how pleased you are with Medecho and then tell us about your friend. Once they have worked 200 hours for Medecho, you will receive £250!

It’s that simple!

Just fill in the form, or you can call us on 020 8969 9915 or email us at

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This promotion applies for twelve months from the date of recommendation and is valid for introductions of doctors who are not already listed on our database.