Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor

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Here are Some of the benefits of being a Locum Doctor


You are able to work for however long you like it doesn’t have to be a short-term position. Positions can vary from a day to up to a year. Furthermore, when you are working you will be able to choose your own hours and days per week that you wish to work. This means that if you have other commitments during the week you can move flexibly around it. Also, if you need extra money for some reason, you could increase the hours you work.


Sometimes working in different surroundings, and being able to go in, deal with the patients then leave, without getting involved in internal politics can be very refreshing.  It also allows you a chance to see different ways of working meet lots of other doctors and grow your network. Working several sessions as a locum can give you a great understanding of how different hospitals operates as well as experience which you can take into your next locum.


As a Locum, you would be earning more than a salaried paid NHS staff and you will be able to choose your hours. This means that if you only want to work a couple of days a week you could do, so it is very flexible. Depending on your grade you could potentially be earning around £180,000 per year working a normal 9-5.

Travel Opportunities

Becoming a locum doctor gives you a great opportunity to travel the UK and earn while you travel. This could be very refreshing and beneficial if you love travelling. This could lead to you being able to experience the different cultures in different parts of the UK.  However, as a locum you will always have a choice about where you want to work, so if you don’t like travelling then you can always stick to hospitals near you that you know and are comfortable with.

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National Insurance increase may solve healthcare crisis, claims MP

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Despite conservatives having a “tax lock” promise a rise in National Insurance may help resolve the current health and social care crisis. This could lead to the UK edging towards a European-style service.

“We need to set out how much it would cost in regards to taxation and National Insurance to increase the amount of funding we receive so that we are on par with France and Germany in terms of funding” claims a MP.

They continued: ” If people want to have the service that we all expect, then we must be prepared to see the same kind of funding that is in France and Germany.”

A local doctor said “If there is no increase in funding we are going to have to look at what we are going to cut back on.”

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AGM Exhibition

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We are pleased to have attended the AGM conference, which was one of the biggest doctor events in the UK. During this event, we registered over 3,000 new doctors looking for locum work across the UK. During the day, we were giving out loads of goodie bags to everyone who registered with us as well as free massages to doctors who came to our stand. Having attended several conferences in the past this was one of our most successful events that we attended and in the future, we aim to register even more doctors.

The greatest part of the event was being able to meet some of the doctors that we currently work with and meet doctors that we will work with in the future. This event was an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen current relationships and build new ones.

If we didn’t get to see you at the Acute and General Medicine (AGM) conference, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8969 9915 or via email at or register on our website and we will get back to with all the information that you need.

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Number of locum Doctors has doubled since 2009

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The amount of hospital doctors choosing to work as locums has almost doubled since 2009. Between 2009 and 2015 the amount of locum doctors in hospitals increased by 96%, from 8,176 in 2009 to 16,002 in 2015. This signifies a 12% average yearly rise. On average, 1304 more doctors each year are electing to work as locums.

Using statistics on locums and National Statistics on medical practitioners, they calculated that locum doctors are making 44% more on average than their salaried colleagues.

The analysis of pay rates found that the annual pay of salaried doctors was £65 843 and the annual pay of medical locums is £95 040.


Locum Hospital Doctors In The UK


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NHS trusts on course to exceed budgets by £850m, figures suggest

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NHS hospital trusts are forecasted to exceed their budgets by £850m this year, more than triple the deficit health service bosses said was adequate, research has shown.

The £850m is even larger than the £550m-£580m overspend that some NHS leaders have said is the most the service can overspend by this year without risking major financial issues. However, NHS upgrading, the health service’s financial regulator, has already cautioned that a figure as high as £550m would make management of the general NHS financial position very risky

NHS finance experts claim that the true scale of the NHS’s expected overspend in 2016-17 will be even larger as trusts are receiving £1.8bn in extra funding this year from a sustainability and transformation fund (STF) to help cover large overspends incurred last year. If that turns out to be the case, the real deficit run up by trusts could be up to £2.65bn. A record £2.45bn overspend was posted last year.

However, Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, who is speaking on behalf of the trusts, said: “There is a well-established strategy to eliminate the provider sector deficit. Because of a huge effort across all trusts, that strategy is mainly being delivered and is broadly on track.

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Grantham A&E overnight closure ‘very disappointing’

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The ongoing overnight closure of Grantham hospital’s A&E unit until February is “very disappointing”, according to a union.

The A&E department has been temporarily shut between 18:30 and 09:00 since August due to a lack of staff.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) said nine additional doctors had been recruited but haven’t started to work yet.

Unison said it was “seeking urgent meetings with the trust” for a fast resolution to the “huge staffing gap”.

Dave Godson, from Unison, said: “It’s very disappointing that the trust has not managed to recruit sufficient medical staff to allow the A&E department to reopen.”

With winter, fast approaching, access to A&E facilities for local people across Grantham, Boston is very important.

On Tuesday, ULHT announced the unit would stay closed overnight but said it had recruited locum agency staff and permanent staff” at Grantham as well as two other locum staff at Lincoln A&E. However, none had started work “due to the recruitment process time.

Supporters say closing the hospitals is putting patient’s safety in danger, however the trust denies this.

ULHT says it doesn’t have enough doctors to staff the department safely as well as maintain services in Lincoln and Boston, which take care of more patients.

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Medecho awarded a place on NHS National Clinical Staffing Framework

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Medecho has been awarded a place on the new National Clinical Staffing Framework for the NHS.

Being awarded a place on the National Clinical Staffing Framework, developed for the NHS by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, means that Medecho can supply staff to clinical positions in the NHS.

Medecho successfully underwent an independent audit of our services and met the criteria for providing qualified clinical staff who can give high quality patient care at rates within the pay caps set by the government. These pay caps have been introduced to help the NHS control spiralling agency staffing costs.

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership is a collaboration of four NHS procurement hubs – NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS London Procurement Partnership

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2015 Exhibitions

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2015 Exhibitions

We are pleased to have attended several conferences and exhibitions in 2015 where we were lucky enough to register over 3,000 doctors looking for locum work across the UK. We gave away heaps of cool merchandise and goodies including a chance to win a free iPad.

Needless to say, the most important part of each exhibition was the chance to meet the locum doctors we work with. It is a great opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

If we didn’t get to see you Medecho will be exhibiting at the Acute and General Medicine (AGM) conference on the 12th and 13th November at the Excel in London so come and say hi and collect your free goodie bag. Alternatively you can always call us on 020 8969 9915 or via email at

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New NHS contract could lead to junior doctors getting a 40% pay cut.

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New NHS contract could lead to junior doctors getting a 40% pay cut.

Junior doctors are currently fighting a new NHS contract imposed on them by the Department of Health which could lead to a 40% pay cut, forcing them to do locum work and antisocial hours. They have pledged to oppose this new government contract, which they say is “bad for patients, bad for junior doctors and bad for NHS”. It is said that the affected 53,000 junior doctors may even go on strike in protest.

The move is part of the drive towards a seven day working week in the NHS. Under the new NHS contract, to be rolled out next year, junior doctor’s shift hours would end at 10pm instead of 7pm and will include Saturdays, resulting in cuts to overtime pay and salary reductions of up to 40 percent.

The Department of Health says the new contract is a better deal and will increase the basic salary for doctors, reward those who work across specialities and improve training.

Trainee doctors currently start on Foundation Year One, their first year of training with a salary of just over £22,000, which rises to £30,000 within four year period. However, before beginning their training, a trainee doctor must hold a medical degree, which can take five to six years to complete. According to the National Union of Students, studying for a medical degree in England costs at least £10,000 a year.

One junior doctor said the move would mean that his pay would go down drastically, from £31,000 to almost £23,000 plus 40% more for working evenings. “None of us feel we need to be paid more. We already work far more than our allotted hours for free as patient care requires. We just don’t want extreme pay cuts to our salaries,” he said. Junior doctors reacted with “absolute horror” to the imposition of the new NHS contract.

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Medecho awarded CCS RM3711 Multidisciplinary Framework for the supply of Temporary Healthcare Personnel.

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Medecho awarded CCS RM3711 Multidisciplinary Framework for the supply of Temporary Healthcare Personnel.

Medecho are one of a handful of suppliers awarded under the Framework “RM3711 Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel (link to for the supply of locum doctors to the NHS.

Our experience in delivering the highest standards of locum recruitment has led to our previous awards with PaSA, GPS and CCS National Framework holders 4 times running, and we are currently on the CCS FA RM1570 for the supply of medical locum doctors. We will apply the same recognised robust approach to the management of this Framework which includes:

  • Sustainable direct savings of up to 33% and additional process efficiency indirect savings
  • Immediate connection with a vast multi-disciplinary staffing resource through leading recruitment technology.
  • Leveraging of multiple staffing companies to obtain competitive rates
  • Full bank staff integration
  • Supply chain management of preferred suppliers
  • Robust compliance, screening and vetting processes

Benefits of using RM3711 Multidisciplinary Healthcare Personnel Framework:

  • Significant and sustainable cost savings
  • Fixed agency fees
  • Pre-placement compliance with NHS Employment Check Standards
  • Centralised technology platform offering full vendor management services to the NHS.
  • Dedicated Client Manager (single point of contact)
  • Clear and transparent timesheets and invoices

To find out more, please contact our dedicated client division on 020 8969 9915 or submit email enquiries to

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