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IR35 What you need to know

What is IR35?

IR35 legislation is a set of guidelines that determine the levels of the tax and National Insurance a candidate working through an intermediary should pay, based on what their working arrangement is.

When do the IR35 changes come into effect?

The changes that HMRC are proposing with regards to IR35 will take effect from 6 April 2017. The legislation is still in draft format, which means there may still be some further changes to this. This means that from the 6th April 2017 if a role is deemed to fall within IR35 and the rules apply, then the relevant tax and National Insurance will be taken from payment to the intermediary and paid over to HMRC on their behalf (Please note, that this is not the same as Pay As You Earn).

Do I fall within the guidelines?

These changes will impact any NHS agency workers who are not currently being paid via PAYE. So If you receive a payslip each week that evidently shows that tax and National Insurance have been deducted from your salary then you are a PAYE worker and IR35 does not apply to you.

However, if you are being paid by an agency or through the NHS Direct Engagement arrangement you will most likely be effected by IR35.

Never the less as every person’s situation is different we would strongly recommend you speak to one of our IR35 experts on 020 8969 9915 before making any decision as they will discuss your options in detail and take the necessary steps you need to make sure you fall within the IR35 guidelines.

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How to get the best out of your locum agency


Having good communication with your recruiter is very important so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. If you can’t answer your phone just call your recruiter back at a time that is suitable for you. Also, make sure that you are checking your emails regularly to keep on top of all jobs that are suitable for you, so when the right one does come through you will be the first to know.


Make sure you tell your recruiter your full availability so that your recruitment consultant can send you jobs that match your availability. This will reduce the number of jobs you get that don’t meet your criteria and will increase the jobs you get that when you are free to locum. Contact your agency to let them know of your schedule and working availability and any changes to your availability. Doing this will make sure that you are always given opportunities that you can genuinely take up and not waste your time.


Being reliable when it comes to you showing up at work on time and rarely cancelling shifts will mean that the trust is more likely to remember you as a favourable doctor. This means that when it comes to finding your next locum you will be more likely to get the job above another candidate applying for the same role as the trust knows that you are a dependable and trustworthy doctor.

 Relationship with your Recruiter

Having a good relationship with your recruiter can be very important so they can guide you if you are unsure or having problems about anything you can contact them and they will assist you. Having a good relationship will help them get to know you better so that when it comes to finding jobs they can send you jobs that are suit your goals and aspirations. This would also help going forward allowing you to stay in contact so before your locum is even finished your recruiter can send you more job opportunities that help you achieve your goals and help you find work quicker.

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Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor

Here are Some of the benefits of being a Locum Doctor


You are able to work for however long you like it doesn’t have to be a short-term position. Positions can vary from a day to up to a year. Furthermore, when you are working you will be able to choose your own hours and days per week that you wish to work. This means that if you have other commitments during the week you can move flexibly around it. Also, if you need extra money for some reason, you could increase the hours you work.


Sometimes working in different surroundings, and being able to go in, deal with the patients then leave, without getting involved in internal politics can be very refreshing.  It also allows you a chance to see different ways of working meet lots of other doctors and grow your network. Working several sessions as a locum can give you a great understanding of how different hospitals operates as well as experience which you can take into your next locum.


As a Locum, you would be earning more than a salaried paid NHS staff and you will be able to choose your hours. This means that if you only want to work a couple of days a week you could do, so it is very flexible. Depending on your grade you could potentially be earning around £180,000 per year working a normal 9-5.

Travel Opportunities

Becoming a locum doctor gives you a great opportunity to travel the UK and earn while you travel. This could be very refreshing and beneficial if you love travelling. This could lead to you being able to experience the different cultures in different parts of the UK.  However, as a locum you will always have a choice about where you want to work, so if you don’t like travelling then you can always stick to hospitals near you that you know and are comfortable with.

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What is a Locum Agency?

What is a Locum Agency?

A locum agency is a recruitment company that specialise in the placement of medical staff on a temporary and permanent basis.

The locum agency offers recruitment services to employers such as hospitals, private practices, and clinics whereby suitable candidates for a particular locum requirements are sourced. The locum recruitment agency also offers placement services for candidates looking locum employment related to their skills, experience, qualifications, and interests.

The main benefits and functions of the locum agency for the hospital include:

• Sourcing of the most suitable candidates to fill a specific locum job.

• Pre-screening including compliance, identity checks, and interviews conducted on behalf of the employer.

• Handling of payroll administration.

• Cost and time savings for human resources.

• Improving the quality of the workforce since experts in locum recruitment handle the screening process ensuring a perfect match between employer and employee.

The main benefits and functions of the locum agency for the locum doctor include:

• Finding suitable positions according to the candidate’s interests, remuneration needs, experience and qualifications.

• Cost and time savings for the candidate.

• Improved chances of landing the perfect locum position.

• Reviews and verification of compliance including identity, documents, qualifications, and references ensuring that the candidate doesn’t have to go through the process several times.

The locum agency focuses on the medical industry ensuring better matching capabilities, a larger employer and employee pool, and offers expert medical recruitment guidance and advice to the employer and candidate alike.


What is a locum?

A locum also known as locum tenens is a medical professional working in a temporary position at a hospital, clinic or private practice. The locum often holds the place of another medical professional providing cover, which is also what locum tenens refers to – placeholder. In layman’s terms the locum is a doctor or medical professional who freelances. Whether the person acts as substitute or just to fill a position on a temporary basis, the role of the locum doctor is crucial.

Why locums are important

Without the use of locum doctors many positions will remain unfilled, leaving gaps in service delivery jeopardizing patient care and as such employers need the services of locums.

Why make use of medical recruitment agencies?

Most locum positions are filled through the usage of medical recruitment agencies such as Medecho. Reasons for this varies, but mostly because doctors don’t have the time to search for positions while the hospitals where their services are required also don’t have the time and resources to recruit. The agency offers value added services ranging from advertising, screening and compliance and interviewing of the locum doctor. Both the hospital and the doctor benefit from our services.

Benefits of being a locum

The benefit of being a locum is that you get to choose where and when you want to work with attractive pay rates. 

Some doctors become locums just after completion of their training and obtaining the required certification. This affords them the freedom to travel while gaining experience and learning from the best experts in their specific field. If the travelling takes you to another country. It may however, also mean additional training to ensure that you can fulfill the minimum requirement for instance, regulations in the UK and working in the NHS.

Once a doctor finds a location and position which fit their interests, they will have the benefit of experience in that area and may even eventually apply for one of the permanent jobs available at that hospital. It is however, not only the large hospital that makes use of the locum, but also smaller private practices where a doctor needs to take study leave, travel or simply require additional help to run the hospital efficiently.

Jobs For Locum Doctors

We make it as easy as possible to locate the most suitable locum jobs on our site. You can use the search facility to search according to specific criteria such as the career grading level, the specialty, and region. Once you have selected an appropriate position apply online.

    How to choose the perfect Locum Job

    How to choose the perfect Locum Job

    Locum Work Made Simple

    Choosing the right locum jobs doesn’t have to be a challenge. Medecho makes the process as easy as possible by using our online locum job search. Here you can search for locum jobs according to set criteria:

    • Specialty
    • Job title
    • Location
    • Grade

    When choosing from our long list of locum doctor jobs, keep the following in mind:

    • Seniority
    • Period of employment
    • Accommodation requirements
    • Salary expectations
    • Hours that you will have to work
    • Whether it is in the private sector or NHS
    • Whether you will take your family along
    • How long you will need to make your arrangements
    • How much money you are hoping to make
    • How many hours you are willing to work
    • Your preferences, for instance do you operate better in a high pressure environment or a tranquil rural hospital?

    Since locum jobs are normally advertised for a specific period with a short lead time, you will need to have your documents ready to hand. As such please ensure that you have completed the GMC registration process, have your vaccination certificates, understand which visa requirements will apply, have completed the relevant assessments and are ready to take the locum job at the required date.

    Your first step should be to ensure that you have the relevant qualifications and experience required in order to do locum work in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We can assist you with information and as such recommend that you browse through our locum recruitment section for information regarding requirements, specialties, grades, pay rates and assessments. Sign up with us for free and have access to all the jobs for doctors advertised on our site.

    Once you have determined that you qualify for a particular locum job, be ready to apply. We take you through the application process and will provide ample information.

    Simply email any questions that you may have about a particular locum job to or you can use our Call Back option to have one of our experienced medical recruitment consultants call you with the required information about any of the medical jobs for doctors advertised on our site.