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Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor

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632{icon} {views}Here are Some of the benefits of being a Locum Doctor Flexibility You are able to work for however long you like it doesn’t have to be a short-term position. Positions can vary from a day to up to a year. Furthermore, when you are working you will be able to choose your own […]

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National Insurance increase may solve healthcare crisis, claims MP

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145{icon} {views}Despite conservatives having a “tax lock” promise a rise in National Insurance may help resolve the current health and social care crisis. This could lead to the UK edging towards a European-style service. “We need to set out how much it would cost in regards to taxation and National Insurance to increase the amount […]

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AGM Exhibition

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360{icon} {views}We are pleased to have attended the AGM conference, which was one of the biggest doctor events in the UK. During this event, we registered over 3,000 new doctors looking for locum work across the UK. During the day, we were giving out loads of goodie bags to everyone who registered with us as […]

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Number of locum Doctors has doubled since 2009

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569{icon} {views}The amount of hospital doctors choosing to work as locums has almost doubled since 2009. Between 2009 and 2015 the amount of locum doctors in hospitals increased by 96%, from 8,176 in 2009 to 16,002 in 2015. This signifies a 12% average yearly rise. On average, 1304 more doctors each year are electing to […]

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NHS trusts on course to exceed budgets by £850m, figures suggest

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150{icon} {views}NHS hospital trusts are forecasted to exceed their budgets by £850m this year, more than triple the deficit health service bosses said was adequate, research has shown. The £850m is even larger than the £550m-£580m overspend that some NHS leaders have said is the most the service can overspend by this year without risking […]

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Grantham A&E overnight closure ‘very disappointing’

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142{icon} {views}The ongoing overnight closure of Grantham hospital’s A&E unit until February is “very disappointing”, according to a union. The A&E department has been temporarily shut between 18:30 and 09:00 since August due to a lack of staff. United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) said nine additional doctors had been recruited but haven’t started to work yet. Unison […]

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Medecho awarded a place on NHS National Clinical Staffing Framework

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197{icon} {views}Medecho has been awarded a place on the new National Clinical Staffing Framework for the NHS. Being awarded a place on the National Clinical Staffing Framework, developed for the NHS by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, means that Medecho can supply staff to clinical positions in the NHS. Medecho successfully underwent an independent audit […]

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