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NHS under pressure as there is an alarming increase in flu but drastic decrease in beds.

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529{icon} {views}The NHS is under pressure after being called out for poor performance within hospitals, and being unable to maintain the busy season as more and more of the public have fallen ill and require assistance. There are warnings that the NHS may experience their worst ever flu epidemic in history. Health officials have spoken […]

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NHS plans to potentially have shoppers get their blood pressure tested at tills could help save life’s.

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579{icon} {views}Shoppers could have their blood pressure checked at supermarket tills after the NHS make radical plans in order to help prevent almost 25,000 strokes and heart attacks. This saves people from going to their local GP surgery. It has been said that Firefighters, teachers and office workers will also undertake training in order to […]

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Over 70 extra beds in new £65m hospital

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629{icon} {views}A new £65million hospital supplying more than 70 new beds for NHS patients, is set to be constructed on the site of Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The project will also include 66 beds for private patients and will contain a new radiotherapy unit and access to state-of-the-art operating theaters. The deal is a linkup […]

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Online NHS 111 service being piloted across Suffolk

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443{icon} {views}The online NHS 111 service trial, which started on 6th March will be trialed for 10 weeks. The purpose of putting in this system is to see how technology can improve patient access to non-emergency healthcare. The Online NHS 111 service trial will to direct patients through messages that are received on the existing […]

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Private healthcare firm signs Uber deal

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544{icon} {views}Cera said it had made a deal with Uber to transport its London-based carers to their patients in their home. In a statement broadcasting the deal with Uber, a speaker from Cera stated: “The partnership will enable Cera’s London-based carers to use Uber to get to the people they are caring for as swiftly […]

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Medecho Testimonials from NHS Trusts

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421{icon} {views}Don’t Just take our Word for It Medecho exists to provide high quality, high volume provision of Locum Doctors to the NHS via numerous supply models. On our clients and testimonials page you can take a look at what some NHS trusts have had to say about us. We have testimonials from NHS Trusts […]

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Medecho Frameworks

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491{icon} {views}Medecho Frameworks As one of the UK’s leading medical recruitment agencies, we have secured exclusive contracts with many of the UK’s top healthcare organisations. We have managed to secure framework agreements with healthcare organisations such as: Crown Commercial Service National Services Scotland / NHS Scotland Health and Social Care Northern Ireland NHS Shared Business […]

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IR35 What you need to know

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555{icon} {views}What is IR35? IR35 legislation is a set of guidelines that determine the levels of the tax and National Insurance a candidate working through an intermediary should pay, based on what their working arrangement is. When do the IR35 changes come into effect? The changes that HMRC are proposing with regards to IR35 will […]

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How to get the best out of your locum agency

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322{icon} {views}Communication Having good communication with your recruiter is very important so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. If you can’t answer your phone just call your recruiter back at a time that is suitable for you. Also, make sure that you are checking your emails regularly to keep on top of all […]

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NHS to start using health apps to help patients manage conditions from home

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273{icon} {views}There set be two new medical apps that help patients monitor their health at home thus reducing their need to visit a doctor and over time saving the NHS money. These apps are set to be rolled out to across a few trusts over time. One system, called GDm-health, helps manage the treatment of […]

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