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How to get the best out of your locum agency


Having good communication with your recruiter is very important so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. If you can’t answer your phone just call your recruiter back at a time that is suitable for you. Also, make sure that you are checking your emails regularly to keep on top of all jobs that are suitable for you, so when the right one does come through you will be the first to know.


Make sure you tell your recruiter your full availability so that your recruitment consultant can send you jobs that match your availability. This will reduce the number of jobs you get that don’t meet your criteria and will increase the jobs you get that when you are free to locum. Contact your agency to let them know of your schedule and working availability and any changes to your availability. Doing this will make sure that you are always given opportunities that you can genuinely take up and not waste your time.


Being reliable when it comes to you showing up at work on time and rarely cancelling shifts will mean that the trust is more likely to remember you as a favourable doctor. This means that when it comes to finding your next locum you will be more likely to get the job above another candidate applying for the same role as the trust knows that you are a dependable and trustworthy doctor.

 Relationship with your Recruiter

Having a good relationship with your recruiter can be very important so they can guide you if you are unsure or having problems about anything you can contact them and they will assist you. Having a good relationship will help them get to know you better so that when it comes to finding jobs they can send you jobs that are suit your goals and aspirations. This would also help going forward allowing you to stay in contact so before your locum is even finished your recruiter can send you more job opportunities that help you achieve your goals and help you find work quicker.

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NHS to start using health apps to help patients manage conditions from home

There set be two new medical apps that help patients monitor their health at home thus reducing their need to visit a doctor and over time saving the NHS money. These apps are set to be rolled out to across a few trusts over time.

One system, called GDm-health, helps manage the treatment of gestational diabetes. The smartphone app lets people send each blood glucose reading, that they take at home, to their diabetes clinician. This technology enables patients to go home and then safely monitor their condition as well as being well connected back to the hospital.

The second app is for managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that is known to affect around 1.5 million people in the UK. Patients with COPD use a device to measure their heart rate and blood oxygen saturation every day which they then enter the results into an app. After three months of measurements, the app learns to recognise a patient’s range of normal oxygen saturation levels. If the measurements fall below that range, then an alert is sent to the clinicians.

These apps would help the NHS profusely as it would enable patients to manage their conditions by themselves without having to go to the clinic as often which in turn helps the NHS save money in the long run.

Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor

Here are Some of the benefits of being a Locum Doctor


You are able to work for however long you like it doesn’t have to be a short-term position. Positions can vary from a day to up to a year. Furthermore, when you are working you will be able to choose your own hours and days per week that you wish to work. This means that if you have other commitments during the week you can move flexibly around it. Also, if you need extra money for some reason, you could increase the hours you work.


Sometimes working in different surroundings, and being able to go in, deal with the patients then leave, without getting involved in internal politics can be very refreshing.  It also allows you a chance to see different ways of working meet lots of other doctors and grow your network. Working several sessions as a locum can give you a great understanding of how different hospitals operates as well as experience which you can take into your next locum.


As a Locum, you would be earning more than a salaried paid NHS staff and you will be able to choose your hours. This means that if you only want to work a couple of days a week you could do, so it is very flexible. Depending on your grade you could potentially be earning around £180,000 per year working a normal 9-5.

Travel Opportunities

Becoming a locum doctor gives you a great opportunity to travel the UK and earn while you travel. This could be very refreshing and beneficial if you love travelling. This could lead to you being able to experience the different cultures in different parts of the UK.  However, as a locum you will always have a choice about where you want to work, so if you don’t like travelling then you can always stick to hospitals near you that you know and are comfortable with.

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National Insurance increase may solve healthcare crisis, claims MP

Despite conservatives having a “tax lock” promise a rise in National Insurance may help resolve the current health and social care crisis. This could lead to the UK edging towards a European-style service.

“We need to set out how much it would cost in regards to taxation and National Insurance to increase the amount of funding we receive so that we are on par with France and Germany in terms of funding” claims a MP.

They continued: ” If people want to have the service that we all expect, then we must be prepared to see the same kind of funding that is in France and Germany.”

A local doctor said “If there is no increase in funding we are going to have to look at what we are going to cut back on.”